“Who put goo in the transitizer?”

You know how it is when you very vaguely remember something from your childhood, but have no idea if you’ve remembered it right? That’s the subject of today’s lesson post. More specifically, it’s about Luna, a somewhat bonkers and rather obscure sci-fi comedy produced by Children’s ITV in 1983 and 1984.

I was somewhat disappointed to find that not a single clip of Luna exists anywhere on the Internet, probably because the first series was only shown twice and the second series only once. It’s never been shown anywhere since, and apparently the only other country that ever showed it was New Zealand. It’s not been released on VHS or DVD, so the only way to see it is to find an off-air recording, and these must be rarer than hen’s teeth. Anyway, I was fondly remembering the show (the odd random snippets I could remember anyway) and did some Googling, stumbling across the excellent Lunaviron site.

Once again, sadly no clips, but plenty of pictures and a bit of background. Luna was played in the first season by a teenage Patsy Kensit, no less, this being one of her earliest on-screen appearances. Monkee Mickey Dolenz was involved in production, and it was co-written by Colin Bennett, who also starred in it. He was best known for his frequent on-screen appearances as Tony Hart’s comedy-slapstick caretaker. Appearing alongside Patsy as the other kid in the show was Aaron Brown, who appears to have given up acting in adulthood, but his other significant role at the time was in the BBC’s Seaview, a drama set in a Blackpool guesthouse. He played the brother of the lead character, played by Yvette Fielding – shortly before she became a Blue Peter presenter. The rest is, as they say, history.

Reading about how Luna was made and what it was about was fascinating – I really want to see it again to see if there’s any gags hidden away that I didn’t get when I was a kid. I suspect there are probably plenty, given that there were female characters in it called 32C and 40D – that went riiiight over my eight-year-old head, as I watched in my diminibeing habiviron. Yes, Luna has its own language too!

I would kill to see this again! What shows would you love to see repeated or released on DVD? And what odd things rest at the back of your brain? I’ll leave you with another vague TV memory that I could have sworn was the result of a fever dream or something – it was too bizarre to possibly exist, but it did…enjoy!

6 thoughts on ““Who put goo in the transitizer?””

    1. Wow, brilliant! Thanks for the pointer. Great to see it again…although it’s aged badly!

    1. Anyone know what happened to her (if anything at all)?

      Well, presumably her life happened, but you know what I mean.

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