TT:120 update!

Since my recent post about the launch of TT:120 model railways in the UK, there’s been a major development. It turns out Hornby have been working on TT:120 for some time, and have a pretty comprehensive range launched and ready to go. It looks like it won’t be in the shops anytime soon, but it’s available to pre-order via their website, and there’s quite a lot in there.

The range is detailed here. There’s an impressive array of modern and older models in here, and it looks really hopeful that more things will follow. Unfortunately, though, it duplicates some of the stuff that Heljan was planning to release, so they’ve decided to axe their plans to release TT:120 stuff, at least for now. But…Hornby is the biggest and best-known name in UK model railways, and their commitment to this scale is very significant. I’d now say it’s worth looking at. Even if nothing but this initial range is ever released, that’s enough right there for a decent layout.

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