Solas Festival 2018 #3

Yesterday was quite leisurely, combined with an early night, and mainly consisted of me soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying some bands (honourable mentions: Stop The Rain, Catholic Action, Withered Hand and PAWS).

Today’s plans are a little more packed – yesterday there wasn’t much that jumped out at me from the talks programme, but there’s lots today (sadly some of it clashes). I’m starting off shortly with a film about the Faroe Islands (I was there in September), and then a talk and exhibition on Nordic art. On from that, a session about Solas Festival’s new site and other future plans, and then plenty of bands for the rest of the day.

One particularly proud moment yesterday was seeing the Journeydaughter and her friend perform a song they’d written for an open mic session, and they were very good. 🙂 There might be some more where that came from later.

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