I recently posted about¬†my old school’s plans to expand¬†using money the government is using to spread the evil net of selective education. My own utterly miserable experience in a grammar school has made me extremely opposed to them.

Well, good news! I got this email just now:

The Government announced the Selective Schools Expansion Fund on May 11. Tiffin School had proposals which necessitated a consultation within the very tight timescale for applications. The Governors of Tiffin School would like to thank you for responding to that consultation, and showing an interest in our proposals. Having now fully evaluated the particularly complex issues involved in developing our proposals, the Governors have decided not to submit this application. Thank you again for taking the time to respond to the consultation.

I’m really pleased to hear this news. Nowhere near abolition of the Eleven Plus yet, but at least this ghastly, elitist resource hog won’t be able to expand and suck even more resources out of the local community, solely for the benefit of the already well-off. *does happy dance*


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